Ibou thinks of himself more as someone (also) doing illustration, rather than as an illustrator. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design (FHWS, Germany) and a Master of Fine Arts in Design (HDK, Sweden). He considers himself lucky to have been able be to spend a semester abroad in Australia and an internship semester in Hamburg. As part of his studies, he also had the opportunity to travel to London, Hong Kong and Frankfurt amongst other places – where he was part of excursions, exhibitions and workshops.

Ibou regularly collaborates with small student-run initiatives, as well as with publications focusing on societal, cultural, feministic and educational matters.
His partners are based in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsular, and provide him with a fine mix of voices and perspectives – as well as free language practice in Swedish (Norwegian and Danish). 

In personal projects, it is a particular concern of his to interweave image and writing, both produced by himself, to achieve an organic whole with the parts elevating one another – instead of just presenting the same content in two formats. Besides writing and illustration, he is interested in a lot of non-artistic matters, but also design as dialogue, performance and (live) process; editorial design; crafts; and experimenting.

For the future, Ibou would love to complete a Phd in design, or a second bachelor, in sociology for instance – which he thinks would go together well with his personal practice. For now, however, he has decided, it is good to gain experience in working with all sorts of formats and institutions out there first.



Website: cargocollective.com/ibou | ibouit.tumblr.com
Email: hej.ibou@gmail.com