Hugo Cárdenas


He was born in Bogota in 1989 and studied Fine Arts at the Fundacion Universitaria de Bellas Artes de Medellin in Colombia. He has a master’s degree in drawing and painting at the Accademia Riaci in the city of Florence, Italy and has also completed a postgraduate degree in creative illustration at the EINA School, Università di Disseny i Art Center in Barcelona, Spain, where he currently lives and work.

He has held several solo exhibitions as a collective between Colombia, Spain and Italy and has shown his work in various auctions and important art galleries 

Great masters of drawing such as Robert Longo, William Kentrigde, Jose Antonio Suarez Londoño, Chuck Klose, Cai Guo Qiang, Arthur Rackham and others influence his work

In his work the drawing is constituted as a contemporary language that is composed of graphic and structure and as he has through his proposal explores compositional relations. The drawing allows him to create graphic and visual forms or sometimes-metaphorical representations that are linked to abstract and figurative compositions of his illustrations

The artist and illustrator Hugo Cardenas has expressed through his drawing the theme of timelessness as a poetic and emotional way that evokes memory and how through his images. Hugo performs the exercise of imagining sceneries or situations that arise from our need of create ephemeral or imaginary representations of the memories and markings that we consider real in our time.



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