Holly Traux


Holly was born in the late 80’s in a small town on Lake Huron in Canada. In 2009 she completed her BFA with a focus on sculpture from York University in Toronto. Deciding to spend a year traveling, Holly landed in Dublin and was exposed to the illustrated works of Harry Clark, sparking a more vested interest in drawing. From Dublin, Holly settled in Vancouver to study graphic design, earning a diploma from the Visual College of art and design.  

Holly is interested in a diverse range of topics, including history, pop culture, feminism, and literature. She loves to travel and experiencing new places is her greatest inspiration. She is currently working as a graphic designer for Roxy Design and spending her evenings illustrating. 



Email Address: hello@hollytruax.ca

Website: hollytruax.ca

Twitter: @hvtruax

Instagram: @hvtruax