Helene Obelitz


My work arises from an investigative fascination of how the human body communicates with the mind. The notion of how we, as a human, perceive the mind and body as binary, separated, even isolated entities from each other. Yet, they are attached and reliant on one another.  I am drawn to the concurs of how our physiology and psychology reflect one another and how emotional settings are expressed within and outside the body and hence than processed in the mind as well as the body, and how memory is stored in the masses of the body and communicated through the intellect: mind and body both longing for and inexplicitly attached to one another. By challenging traditional notions of how the mind-body communicates, I endlessly seek unconventional approaches to present my work by combining processes and materials, techniques and different media and to offset norms in visual communication. “I really don’t know” will never kiss my lips, not in process of my creativity. I love a challenge and an intentional purpose. The importance of my works is to make the audience gain from the surface of insights represented and create an understanding and identification; and a spectacular wonder why.

I receive my inspiration from culture, society, humans, exhibitions and the immediate surroundings of mine, and I appreciate the experimental approach of investigating reactions and mind, I like to predict tendencies and see if the thinking moves the people directionally through the creative and artistically language. I seek new ways to communicate by carefully observing the subtle nuances found in people’s facial expressions, their emotions, and how they react to and co-exist with their environment and their mind. This voyeuristic observation culminates with my perception and psychological theory of what I imagine they’d like to express or how they want to be perceived by their look or style; the humans expressionism.  I represent the directed consciousness intertwined with insight gained from slipping into the obscure.

I then imitate what I perceive they express with their behaviour, talking, readings shelved in their homes, how they decorate and how they create an identity in the reflection of materialism, their movements, pathways and relations and compare this to their expression of mind or sayings.

I mirror their surroundings into intimate domestic places, not necessarily their space as in an actual space or room, but in their mind, my mind, their body and make their storytelling communicate with the co-existence of himself or herself and the Id, or any juxtaposed narrative that reflects society. I then throw out all my work into the imaginary world to let it be stated, exposed, commented or just to exist.

The digital or hand brushed marked artworks often presents a pressurized place where matter, energy and psychic presence are both birthed, and, in a regressive discursive manner, decay; a collision of presence and sense, peacefully imbalanced as any human static dynamics of life; existing. 

Helene Obelitz is currently studying a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design, NYC.



Email Address: helenevonobelitz@hotmail.com

FACEBOOK: /heleneobelitz 

Instagram: @helenevonobelitz