Hannah Edge (Hedge Illustrates)


Hannah has spent much of her life in the great outdoors; falling over in rivers, sliding across sand dunes, climbing snowy mountains and insect bothering. She proceeded to enter the world of work as a stationery and packaging designer. During this time she discovered a flair for illustration which has become her speciality. She enjoys illustrating for both fiction & nonfiction subjects in stories and articles. 

Hannah has worked on a wide range of projects with her clients, ensuring each time the briefs are carefully researched to capture detail in the overall piece. Her artwork is bold and quirky with plenty of hand drawn elements influenced by natural shapes. 

Hannah uses watercolours, gouache, shellac drawing inks and digital techniques to create her pieces. She is an avid collector of shells, plants, maps and interesting things which she keeps around her studio for inspiration. In her spare time she enjoys sailing, fun running and growing flowers in her allotment. 



Email Address: hannahcedge@gmail.com

Website: hannahcedge/hedgeillustrates

FACEBOOK: /hedgeillustrates 

Instagram: @hedgeillustrates