Originally from Taiwan, James Grey currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

From a very young age, stories and narratives were a big part of James’s childhood experiences. Drawn to ideas that are larger than life, James was always fascinated by movies, novels, fashion and Japanese animation. Many of these inital interests eventually cemented his motivation to become a creative, thus driving him to seek out a career as an Illustrator and designer. 

Leveraging his traditional illustration training and graphic design skills, James branches into many different types of design related work such as branding, apparel design, editorial illustration, product design and game development. James states that the inspiration for his work is found mostly in “street art culture and various genres from the underground music scene”.

Outside of his day time profession as a creative director in a video game development studio, James also founded his personal artist brand named MAMMON. A project that incorporates art, apparel and music. Centralized around the idea of men’s blind pursuit of vanity and excess. He attempts to utilize an aesthetic that is inspired by both Baroque and modern street art, aiming to create works that are beautiful and dark with a fatalistic undertone.

Also, he loves ice cream and a good warehouse party.




Instagram: @god_or_mammon