Giulio Paro


Giulio Paro is a 24 year old Italian artist who has recently obtained a degree in communication design. 

He is currently working as graphic designer. In his spare time he often draws, illustrates, and pursues his love of crafts. 

His philosophy “learn by doing” and his spot on surname inspired his slogan “I’m Paro”, which can be read as the Italian word for “I learn”: imparo. 

Giulio Paro has been greatly inspired by the French designer Vahram Muratyan and wishes to adopt a similar minimal illustration style. The principle behind these illustrations is the representation of a single element, be it an object, a symbol or a detail, capable of evoking a recognizable concept or image. His wish for the future is to use these simple, yet alternative drawings as illustrations for children’s books.



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FACEBOOK: Giulio Paro 

Instagram: @giulio_paro