Gianluca Magli 


Born 1991. Reggio Emilia, Italy. Architect, Graphic and Communication Designer. Currently living and working in Milan, Italy. Graduate of Politecnico di Milano with a Master of Architecture (2015).

To test his own person, he got the chance to study abroad, getting in touch with new cultures and ways of thinking in the design field. He spent a year in Shanghai City. Graduated Tongji University with a Master of Architecture and Urban Planning (2015). Living in China opened his mind toward incredible opportunities, collecting experiences of life he never thought he could have.

Since arriving back home, he craves the desire to show the person that he became so far in the world of design, also making individual experiences and contests within the fields of graphic and visual communication.

He prefers to introduce himself as a creative person rather than just an architect.

He’s famished to learn from others the way they do design in all fields of art and creation, putting his person to the test of do the best and express creative thoughts.

Throughout his work experiences, he had the possibility to grow up inside different renowned Architecture and Design studios. Also worked into a communication agency in Shanghai City, where he learned new methods and approaches in graphic, illustration and photography.

Gianluca is a social media addict. He’s a very Social guy! Since being featured as a “Suggested User” by Instagram, he became a relevant profile inside the social network as an influencer of the community, connecting with others Instagramers that represent the branch of professionals within the mobile digital communication.



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Twitter: @gianlucamagli

Instagram: @gianlucamagli @bewhiteaddicted

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