(Geo) Nataly Esber Duarte


Geo Esber is a Venezuelan-born artist living and working in San Francisco, California, by way of Sydney, Australia.

Growing up, Geo created art in different mediums: writing stories, making with her hands, and dreaming up new ideas. Her illustrations are the result of her unique multi-cultural background: spending the first 12 years of her life in Venezuela and moving to Sydney, Australia when she was 12 years old. She went on to spend time working and living in Japan and the United States. Her unique heritage and travels have had a strong influence on her art, which has evolved from a bold, vibrant style to more refined, delicate illustrations as indicated herein.

Today, Geo applies her design and storytelling skills to the UX & UI field where she believes is her way of solving problems in the real world. “Design philosophy and creativity are intertwined in my process, as well as working with a cross-functional team to get to the heart of the problem we’re trying to solve together,” Geo says, adding that, “Ultimately, I love seeing all these things come together to create a delightful user experience.”

Geo’s art is deeply personal, reflecting a femininity that is simultaneously playful and passionate, infusing colour in a thoughtful and judicious manner, the overall result of which is part fantasy, part reality.



Website: geoesber.io
Email: geo.esber@gmail.com
Instagram: @geo.esber
Twitter: @gesber2002