Frank Hoppmann


Frank Hoppmann was born in 1975 in the north of Germany. He grew up in the country side and started very early on to draw pictures with morbid and grotesque subject matters.

He studied Graphic Design at Munster University with an emphasis on Drawing, illustration and print making.

During his studies he concentrated on drawing, and worked as a court illustrator, cartoonist and illustrator for newspapers, magazines and television stations.

In 2002 his degree show had the title “Liquor Lovers have many di erent faces”, an exhibition of over 50 big format drawings and 200 sketches of drunken men
and women.

He has been working since 2002 as a freelancer. Apart from working as an artist, he is an illustrator of “Die Welt am Sonntag” and “Rolling Stones“ magazine, a regular contributor for “manager magazine” and the satirical magazine “Eulenspiegel” for which he has been working since 1997 and has drawn over 150 portraits. He also publishes in “Los Angeles Times”, “Stern”, “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” etc.

In 2005 he received the newcomer/fellowship prize in Plauen (“e.o.plauen-prize”).
Here he met Toni Ungerer for the first time, who received the main prize.
Today a picture by Frank Hoppmann, a portrait of Toni Ungerer, is hanging in the Toni Ungerer - Internationale Centre for Illustration in Strasburg (France). This was followed by numerous national and international exhibitions.

Hoppmann’s work has been awarded many prizes, amongst others he was awarded German Cartoonprize in 2009.

In the autumn of 2012 he was honoured with a monography in a book series of “Masters of Comical Art” (published by Kunstmann, Munich). This series of books introduces the most important German speaking artists, which commented with paint brush, pencils, and words on the German society since 1950, showing and drawing it in a lighthearted and funny way.

Frank Hoppmann works and lives mainly in Muenster. 


Instagram: @frankhoppmann
Facebook: /HoppmannFrank
Twitter: @HoppmannArt