Femke Wieringa


Femke Wieringa is an illustrator and designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

At an early age Femke preferred picture books and her dad’s comics over children’s stories. These visual narratives inspired her to start drawing and creating visual worlds herself. Artists like Joe Sorren and comic book artist André Franquin were also of great value finding her way in drawing. Besides these artists, inspiration also came from Asian artists like Aya Kato, Audrey Kawasaki, Victo Ngai and Katsushika Hokusai.

Femke’s first experiences working with clients were during her studies ‘Illustration’ at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Soon after graduating, during studies to become a teacher in art and design, she has worked at a theatre as a designer for promotional and festival design for four years. In this period she gained more clients which lead to several illustration assignments in the cultural field of Rotterdam, including illustrating a book for children, creating different campaigns and (corporate) identities. Soon she will have an exhibition in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. 

Due to working for many different clients and creating lots of different designs, she broadened her horizon. A wide variety of work in her portfolio is the result. From graphic designs with minimalistic black and white touch, to the busy bright coloured style that she likes to refer to as happily hysterical. There is a love for different sorts of textures, patterns, highlighting, shading and dynamic compositions captured in strong outlines. She always starts with a pencil sketch and develops it into a digital
constructed design. 


Website: femkewieringa.com
Email: info@femkewieringa.com
Instagram: @femkewieringa
Facebook: femkewieringa.illustration