Felicia Guyadi


Felicia Guyadi was born and raised in Indonesia. Her interest in drawing started from an early age. She grew up illustrating comics as a hobby. In line with her passion, she studied communication design at RMIT University Australia for her bachelor degree, which she completed in 2015. She has already worked in various local and national projects involving illustration, graphic design, as well as product branding. Her drawing style has been influenced heavily by John Tenniel’s crosshatch rendering technique that has given more of a depth while retaining raw personality to her artwork. Her role models also include the Japanese animation filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki who frequently drove attention to social and environmental issues through his artwork. Felicia sees research as a key component in her design process, and as such she would have formulated solid concepts before visually interpreting them to create insightful and meaningful artworks. Currently, Felicia is working as a professional graphic designer at KYUB studio, Bandung.



Email Address: feliciaguyadi@gmail.com

Website: behance.net/feliciaguyadi

Instagram: @designbyfg