Fadah Al-Omar


Fadah Al-Omar is a self-taught artist based in Kuwait that has a soft spot for both illustration and filmmaking. She majored in mass communication, which introduced her to graphic design, typography, animation, and illustration. This exposure to the arts lead her to a love for illustration she never anticipated. She always thought that drawing was an innate talent but then discovered that it is actually a skill, that with dedication and determination, anyone can learn. She now carries around a notebook and scribbles what ever comes to mind. She has worked on two documentaries and now spends her time making short films for YouTube and illustrations for Instagram while maintaining her day job in Public Relations. She is also currently working on web comics, a hobby that grew from admiration of comic book artists such as Fiona Staples and Dave Gibbons. Fadah’s main purpose in creating art is to inspire others to create. She believes that creativity is a little frightened monster that lives in all of us, but not all of us choose to release that beast. 



Email Address: cometconfettiofficial@gmail.com

Website: cometconfetti.com

Twitter: @cometconfetti

Instagram: @cometconfetti