Fabio Issao


Born in 1979 in São Paulo, Brazil, Fabio spent 16 of his early years moving with his family to different sites and regions of the country. As a Japanese-descendant Brazilian, he has always faced the strangeness of being part of an ethnic minority in the country, which led him to establish a close dialogue with the theme of foreignness and, in parallel, with nature, symbolized by the places in the Amazon Forest where he would escape to finding himself completely free and integrated with the surroundings. He began drawing by observing and trying to copy his fathers’ drawings by the age of 7, a language that soon became very familiar to express his feelings and dreams.

The human quest for understanding one’s purpose and sense of life, the role of art as a channel to facilitate reaching one’s full wisdom and potentials, and the nature of systems (and later on the cosmos) as platforms for connecting micro and macro realities were subjects that guided him to work in the branding, strategy and innovation industries for more than 10 years. After quitting his job at an innovation consultancy firm in 2016, he decided to take over his illustrations and drawings as a means to develop his visions, dreams and concepts in a world under transition, where the quest for purpose, love, essence, simplicity, and spirituality are demanding humanity new forms of living and relating: a big change in the understanding that every little existent thing is part of a bigger reality.

Actually, his main themes of study are nature, systems, the cosmos and dualities. It’s here where he explores the visual connections between natural and artificial elements through shapes, colors and figures in order to bring light to their interdependence and the possibilities of integration.



Email Address: fabio.issao@gmail.com

Website: fabioissao.com 

Instagram: @fabioissao