Emily Krueger


Emily Krueger is a graphic artist in Northern Minnesota, USA. She takes influence from traditional scientific and botanical textbook illustrations, as well as animal themes and style from the work of Beatrix Potter. She enjoys detail, line work and soft colouring. 

Apart from a lifetime of sketching and local drawing classes, Emily graduated from Bemidji State University (Minnesota, USA) where she studied both fine art, with an emphasis in oil painting, and graphic design. She is able to use both skills learned at Bemidji State in her illustration work.  

Much of her work can be categorized as nature and wildlife. Living in Northern Minnesota has allowed her to be surrounded by the woods and all of its little inhabitants. She enjoys taking those shapes, colour, and textures to make images that are both interesting and fun to view.  

Both traditional and modern practices are employed in her illustrations. A majority of her work starts as a hand-rendered pencil drawing, then brought onto the computer for added colouring. Her final product is often digital, though she occasionally does hand-painted watercolours and oil paintings. Emily has taken part in a variety of illustrated projects such as colouring books, personal sketch and activity books, retailed art prints, and various logo illustration work. 



Email Address: emily@emilykruegerillustration.com

Website: emilykruegerillustration.com

FACEBOOK: /EmilyKruegerIllustration