Emily Fang


My name is Emily and I’m a kid at heart. I enjoy playing video games during my free time and my studio is filled with action figures, toys, and comic books. I draw my inspiration from my love of cartoons, video games, and artwork. 

I was born in Kentucky but I wasn’t raised anywhere in particular, so let’s just say I grew up in California, since that’s the state I’ve lived in the longest. I began drawing at a very young age, influenced by the cartoons I would watch at home. As I grew up, I kept doodling at school, at home, wherever I could draw. I’d get in trouble, but it was worth it. Drawing was how I expressed myself, so no matter who tried to stop me, I would persist. In fact, my parents did not want me to draw. They felt that it took away from my studies and nothing would come of it. They disciplined me when they caught me drawing. Many times I almost gave it up, but I kept it up. 

I am self taught. The only classes I took were the ones required by the schools I attended. My personal philosophy is that art does not require a class or school to learn, it takes time and incessant practice.

Today, I am working as a graphic designer and freelance in Los Angeles. I will continue to practice and grow, and I will continue to create for all to enjoy.



Email Address:  pandamoniumarts@gmail.com

Website: pandamoniarts.weebly.com

Twitter: @pandamoniarts

Instagram: @pandamoniumarts

Facebook: /pandamoniumarts