Emil Ulfhammer


“One of the most important things to me is my sketchbook and my pen. A few years ago I started a project to draw one picture a day for one year, when I had completed this challenge I couldn’t stop, so I kept going and I haven’t stopped yet. I like birds, both as a symbol for freedom and the shape of them, it inspires me. Birds will always have a special place in my heart but lately I’ve been trying out different animals, a new favorite is bears. My style is fast and I like to work a bit abstract. To combine realistic likeness with abstract elements is my favorite way of thinking, a mashup of reality with fantasy.

I found an interest in art when I was about thirteen years old and got introduced to graffiti and street art. When I sat at home and practiced my style in my sketchbook I realized that I really liked what I was doing, drawing, I was hooked. After I graduated school I went to different art schools and studied graphic art, graphic design and illustration. Now I’m part of a collective studio and a screen printing studio, in Gothenburg, Sweden. I mostly like to draw with black ink pens but occasionally I produce screen prints and that’s when I like to use more colors in my work.

I´ve had many different exhibitions in Sweden, both solo and collaborative. My most notable exhibition so far was in Sweden when I was featured at Liljevalchs
Vårsalong 2014.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be good, just use your imagination.”

- Emil Ulfhammer


Website: emilulfhammer.tumblr.com | cargocollective.com/emilulfhammer
Email: emilulfhammer@gmail.com
Instagram: @emilulfhammer
Twitter: @emilulfhammer