Elle Sorridente


I am an artist, illustrator and general messy creature, based in Brighton, which is the best compromise to satisfy my excitable and wild nature. I need streets to explore, music to dance to, sea to swim in and the expanse of deep blue ocean to tell my secrets and dreams to. It’s a cliché I know but I have been painting, drawing and photographing since I could hold the tools. I see in colour and pattern, I see them around me when I listen to music and they fill my waking dreams. 

Painting has always been the core of my practice and the drive of my imagination, I love the idea that paintings and drawings act as portals for our imaginations, a door through which to escape, or dream, or just be for a moment. For me the act of painting is an incredibly meditative one, but one that must be balanced with plenty of fresh air, exercise and exploring. My work revolves around ideas to do with the myths and stories that form cultural identities and how they, like our lives have evolved and changed in a modern, globalised world. The stories we tell, and information we are immersed in form the collective unconscious we live in, and they change rapidly in this expanding world as distance and time are shrunk by social media and global news. These ideas form the threads which make up my work. 

So in my little corner of this world I draw and paint, and capture in many ways, glimpses and snaps of things that resonate with me, and hopefully others, and try to weave together the threads of these seemingly disparate but often universal elements. 



Email Address: ellesorridente@gmail.com

Website: ellesorridente.com

FACEBOOK: @ellesorridentestudio 

Instagram: @elle.sorridente

Twitter: @ElleSorridente