Eesu Lehtola


Eesu Lehtola is an illustrator, animator, film maker and a graphic designer living in Helsinki, Finland. He is a co-owner and one of the founders of design agency, Visual Kult. He is also a founder of film and production company Silent Paprika and Fire1984, a skateboard and apparel brand.

Eesus’ work is stylistically ever-changing due to his relentless pursuit of experimenting with new technologies and media to produce his work. He is stylistically influenced by the aesthetics of the 80’s skateboarding subculture. A subculture that Eesu has been actively involved in for the past 23 years. 

“Today, I usually try to simplify my illustrative works. I enjoy creating bold, simple images that are conceptually driven. I try not to be too meticulous when creating my illustrations. I find great beauty in human error. It is these small errors, such a kink in a line, that make the artwork interesting and give it a personal touch and warmth that is lost in certain forms of digital illustration.”


INSTAGRAM: @eesueesu