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We produce premium artist directories and distribute them free of charge to our handpicked network of global businesses who hire external creative services for creative projects.

We distribute our publications to over 200 highly targeted businesses around the world. Our audience features a number of art galleries, interior designers and decorators as well as commercial entities including Universal Music, Warner Bros., Sony Music, Bookmark
(a WPP agency), plus a range of leading breweries, wineries, architects, advertising and
marketing agencies.





Drawn Volume.3 is a directory of contemporary illustrators that showcases portfolio highlights and qualifications of today's leading contemporary illustrators.

This is an essential guide for creative agencies, marketing professionals and businesses looking to develop relationships with today's leading creatives. 


What we do for ILLUSTRATORS

We produce creative directories to showcase the portfolio highlights of the world’s leading artists. We will work closely with you to design a custom creative profile featuring highlights from your portfolio. 


  • A double page spread within the printed publication featuring 3 of your artworks, artist biography and professional contact details and social media channels.
  • Editing and copywriting assistance for your accompanying biography.
  • An online portfolio on our website featuring up to 8 of your artworks.
  • Portfolio curatorial services provided by our creative director.
  • A copy of the hardback book sent to you anywhere worldwide.
  • A digital e-book edition of the publication.
  • Global industry distribution to hundreds of relevant, high calibre companies working in the arts, design, advertising, marketing and consumer industries. 

Presentation is everything.

 We take immense pride in the crafting of our publications. All Capsules books are hardback publications printed on FSC certified paper and housed within a protective slipcase incorporating foil stamping or embellishments and delivered in bespoke branded mailer packaging to ensure that your work is presented in a manner that stands out from the crowd and demands the attention it deserves. 



"We have recently started working with the team at Capsules and are thrilled with the results. The standard of their creative network is quite simply outstanding. Capsules is now a preferred source for connecting with creatives for Bookmark (a global WPP agency). Highly recommend."

- Natasha Jackson,
Chief Strategy Officer - Bookmark

"Capsules Book create beautiful publications and are an excellent resource for locating new, high calibre creatives."

-Jennifer Ivory
General Manager, UK - Warner Bros. Records

“Incredible to have so many creatives and illustrators literally at our fingertips to consider for our artists.” 

- Guillermo Ramos
Marketing Director, Island Records

"...we were totally blown away by the quality and scale of the publication. It is seriously awesome." 

- Brenton Cannizzaro
Business and Strategy Director, Avenue Design, Melbourne, Australia

“As of November 2017, I finally have an occupation in something I really like to do - graphic design and illustration. I worked in a factory before. Thanks to Capsules' Bézier Volume.1 creative directory, I received a request from an advertising agency to work for them.”

- Szabolcs Vajas
Featured in Bézier Volume.1 & Drawn Volume.2


We are very proud to support literacy charity, Book Aid International by donating 100% of profits from our physical book sales. As book lovers ourselves, it’s an honour for us to be able to support a charity who promotes literacy. Read our interview with Book Aid International and find out more about their work here:


Q&A With Drawn Volume.3 featured illustrator Mr.Misang.


Mr Misang’s vibrant and detailed work is a commentary on the world today. We sat down with Mr.Misang to talk about his series ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’ and what he’s working on now.

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