Diptee Deshmukh


Diptee Deshmukh is a brand consultant, designer and illustrator. Born in Dallas, USA, she grew up in Mumbai, India and studied at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London, graduating with an MA in Graphic Branding and Identity. While her everyday work involves developing creative strategy, visual identity systems, packaging and communication for brands, she likes to find time for self-initiated illustration projects.

Her fascination for visual art has a distinct mix of Indian and western origins. A young enthusiast of diverse Indian arts and crafts, she often dabbled in ethnic pattern making, decorative painting, rangoli making, and block printing. However, it was the iconic album art of music artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Springsteen that was pivotal in her recognising the sheer impact of an image.

Her inspirations are eclectic, often combining two unrelated areas to create unexpected results. Diptee appreciates everything from indigenous art, the subversiveness of Dadaism, the outlandishness of Surrealism, the anti-elitism of Pop Art, to the experimental possibilities within contemporary art.

She likes to work with analogue methods before completing her pieces digitally; constantly experimenting with new styles to adopt an aesthetic that best delivers the meaning behind the piece.

"My latest works enquires into indigenous Indian art, interpreting unique features behind the art into contemporary formats with subjects relevant to today’s young, urban population. The project begins with a look at Warli (aka Varli) art, a charmingly crude
yet intricate form of tribal art, known to depict daily activities like fishing, hunting, festivals and other communal gatherings, providing honest glimpses into their tribal life.

The Warli-inspired series is a commentary on today’s young urban population. It attempts to answer the question: How would modern life appear if put through the Warli filter? The modern rendition of the Warli man has one significant difference: a cellphone in his hand."

When she isn’t being obsessive about her work, Diptee loves a good live music gig, playing with dogs (that don’t belong to her), travelling and testing people’s spice tolerance with her cooking. 


Website: diptee.co
Email: dipteedeshmukh@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @dipteedee