Denny Di Pasquantonio


Born in Rome in 1990, Denny di Pasquantonio discovered his passion for art and illustration in the first years of his childhood, when nobody could stop him from painting his father’s house walls.

He soon realised that the family house was too little a stage on which to unleash his talent and decided to enrol at the Rome Academy of Art where he studied Editorial Graphics.

After completing his studies, he realised that his calling in life was illustration and carried on with it, even though he has never lost interest in other design areas.

It didn’t take too long for him to receive his first freelance projects from all over Europe: Turkey, Italy, and Spain, where he is currently living and attending a Master in Illustration and Graphic Design.

He draws inspiration from the world around him, from all of the people and the little things that catch his attention and give life to his art, not forgetting famous artists like Cassandre, Rodchenko, and Depero, among others.



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Instagram: @DNY