David Walker (Horror Rocks)


David Walker is predominantly a self taught illustrator based in the suburbs of London. His work often consists of vector graphics, colour, type and traditional media, each playing an important role in the formation of his designs. His passion for creativity is fuelled by his love for dance music, cult horror films, street art and urban culture. Although digital art is his preferred medium, he has a keen interest in photography, printing and hand drawn art. It’s this diverse range of influences and techniques that shape the varied styles of his artwork.

”I believe that to illustrate is to create something special for the onlooker. To go that extra mile to try and give people ideas they may never have seen before. I love drawing and seeing my ideas evolve on the page however, the real pleasure is sharing my artwork with others. By sharing with people a glimpse of my world, I hope to inspire others to maybe share a glimpse of theirs.”

David Walker’s current work goes under the name Horror Rocks. Horror Rocks is an exploration of type, techniques, colour and ideas, designed to expand his creative thinking and strengthen his drawing skills. It’s an ongoing quest to bring more horror related ideas to his artwork. A theme that both inspires him and challenges him as an illustrator.



Email Address: davidwalkerartist@gmail.com

Website: behance.net/HorrorRocks

Twitter: @Horror_Rocks 

Instagram: @horror_rocks

Facebook: /HorrorRocksArtist