David Merrell


It wasn’t until 2012, when Dave was part of the Fantasista exhibition in Waterloo, London that it all ‘kicked off’.

The work he produced for this exhibition grabbed the eye of Nike China, and from this followed a host of impressive clients in the sports industry including ESPN, Adidas and Bleacher Report to name a few.

He is also an official Star Trek artist whose work was featured in the recent global 50/50 exhibition, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek.

Nostalgic inspirations for his work come from the likes of video game, movie poster and comic artists as well as past masters to create his unique and recognisable style.

Dave is now a full-time professional illustrator and works from his home studio in Manchester, UK and continues to develop his skills, producing his very best work with every project he takes on.



Website:  davemerrell.com
Email: hello@davemerrell.com
Instagram: @davemerrellartwork
Twitter: @DaveMerrell
Facebook: DaveMerrellArtwork