Da’Quan Williams


Da’Quan Williams age 22 from St. Albans Queens, New York. Growing up in the late 90’s to early 2000’s in New York. 

Some of my influences were easily cartoon shows from Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry. Watching such vivid beautiful images transpire on a television screen was something that I wanted to emulate one day. As a result, I began drawing everything I saw and tried to recreate those objects on paper till I got to high school. When I attended Bayside High School in 2009 it was here that I learned the fundamentals of art. Everything from shading to color theory, body structure, point perspective(s), still life portraits all under the guidance of Mrs. Heather Krumholtz. 

When I’m getting ready to create a new piece in my office in Long Beach, NY I have to listen to hip-hop music. I just have to separate myself from all distractions. Artists such as J. Cole, Logic artist with an intrinsic story to tell that I can learn from. During that, I gather my photo references and I begin creating. In my portfolio course in college, my professor at the time encouraged us to listen to music while we worked because it helps stimulate the mind and relax. This Allows me to focus on re-creating a feeling in my art so it can connect with the viewer. 



Email Address: daquanw.27@gmail.com

Website: daquanwilliamsart.com

Instagram: @dqdraws