Danyang Pang (Panda)


Panda is a lover of traveling, painting, crafting, dancing and flowers. She was born in Beijing, China, where she received a BFA in Visual Communication Design. Then, she went to Pratt Institute to get a Master’s degree in Communication Design. While in college, she went to UC Berkeley and Yunlin Technology College (Taiwan) as an exchange student to explore fine art and visual thinking. She is a graphic designer and illustrator, currently based in New York. She specializes in branding strategy, packaging design, interaction, illustration, and photography. She seeks to tap into the internal potential of each brand she creates by making beautiful, usable, and professional packages with a creative concept and eco-friendly structure. She uses illustration to promote brands and decorate packages in order to communicate more efficiently.

She started drawing when she was six years old. She was first inspired by Chinese traditional drawing and then became interested in Western oil painting. The mixed drawing methods affected her in visual perception and observation philosophy.

She uses different materials to create artworks like fabric, metals, and clay. She also keeps a habit of writing in her diary and visual journal, which is helpful for testing different expressions. When she was an exchange student in Taiwan, she became deeply knowledgeable in Chinese traditional culture. She applies it to her work in illustration and design.

Panda travels a lot. From modern cities to historical towns, from popular metropolitan areas to natural landscapes, her visual thinking has become richly and deeply influenced. She likes to think about visual solutions for societal problems. She did a pop-up book named BODY BOOM, which helps children understand sex education as they go through puberty.

She loves her job. When Panda is not designing, she can be found walking around New York City and drawing from a lovely corner. 



Email Address: dandanp330@gmail.com

Website: behance.net/dandanp

Instagram: @dandanpandada