Daniel Pullan


Daniel Pullan is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Provo, Utah. He has been heavily influenced by the art of Ken Taylor, Dan Mumford, and Richey Beckett. He also draws inspiration from the relics of Ancient Egypt, Byzantine era art, and Samoan Tattau. 

Daniel’s formal art education began with classes in high school. This is where he first became familiar with Adobe Illustrator and screen-printing. He has taken a few art classes at Brigham Young University as prerequisites to their Graphic Design program. He has been accepted into the program, but due to traveling abroad, he has not yet taken any classes in the major. 

Experiences that have built Daniel’s career and influenced his work include working at a screen-printing shop for one year in high school, and a small amount of freelance work. His career has just begun. His goal is to be able to make a living from freelancing and art shows around the world. 

His artistic philosophy revolves around creating pieces that make people think. His sharp style allows him to present his art in a way that the viewer is drawn in and forced to engage with his pieces. His latest ideas have lead him to explore storytelling through art. He loves the art of printmaking and intends to produce most of what he makes through silk screening.

Daniel is constantly working on developing his style and skills. His career is still very young, and he recognizes that there is plenty of room for progression. He is always searching for new inspiration from all kinds of sources. One technique he employs in finding ideas is reading short stories and designing pieces based off of the main theme. He believes that drawing inspiration from sources in this way allows him to produce art that he never would have been able to create on his own. Most of his art is done with a mouse after sketching the intended piece. 

Daniel is driven to become the very best at what he does. He works hard to improve and move his style forward. He wants to create art that will change the way people view the world around them. He recognizes that art is a powerful communication tool and hopes to use it to make a difference. 



Email Address: danielpullan13@gmail.com

Website: danielpullan13.myportfolio.com

Instagram: @danielpullandesign