Daniel C aldana


Place of birth: Denison, IA.

Currently living in: Sioux City, IA.

Train, bus, bike, or other: Daniel enjoys riding a bike more than any other mode of transportation. He loves the freedom and the wind in his hair. He also thinks that what he just wrote was very cliché.

What’s the most important object in your studio? Dan has a second hand bulletin board above his workstation. When he notices a design that he likes or inspirational piece it will be posted on the board. He also has a Pinterest, so there is no need to tell him that he needs one.

Paper or plastic? Dan saves plastic bags and re purposes them as small trash bin bags.

Favourite project you have produced so far? When Dan received a project during his final year in college he was excited to find out that his class will be redesigning a book series. As a veracious reader, Dan chose his series to redesign and was surprised and impressed with his skills as a designer.

What are you working on right now? Himself. Dan is still young and not sure exactly what he wants out of life. The future is terrifying and uncertain. You do your best day by day and you will fail, but through failure you succeed. 

Favourite food? Sushi. Ironically Dan hates fish, but likes trying new things. 

Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning and tea in the evening. A good book adds to the experience of both.

What’s your earliest creative memory? Early grade school. Dan’s favourite class was art. His class was learning how to paint and they were limited to only two paints. Daniel of course was not going to stand for only two. His end result ended up looking as though he was a miniature Jackson Pollock fan. His instructor was impressed with his rebellion and announced that he is an example to follow. Art is expressive and there are no rules.

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? Sleeping, you’ve got to keep those creative juices flowing. If Dan awakes early he prefers to read while he drinks a morning cup of coffee to get his brain working.



Email Address: aldanacreative@gmail.com

Website: aldanacreative.com

Twitter: @AldanaCreative

Instagram: @aldanacreative