Coco Blanch


Coco Blanch is an artist from Barcelona. Coco has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. She has produced several exhibitions around Spain; she also works as a freelance illustrator and, occasionally, designs menu cards for restaurants.

Coco’s main interest is illustration. Besides illustrations, she is also skilled in photography, design and painting. Actually, she loves anything related to art. Without any specific illustrator’s influence, at an early age she was attracted to the black and white photographs displayed in all fashion magazines, especially in Vogue. She was influenced mostly by the first portraits of women taken by Helmut Newton and Mario Testino. Her aim is to show the contemporary woman beyond her race, her sexual identity or her background. Moreover, she wants to go further and express the darkness and the power that every woman has within herself.

Her philosophy is simple: learn to unlearn. “Keep your eyes wide open and try to retain all the inspiration that you can keep in your imagination.” 

Coco used to work with all kinds of dry and wet mediums, from Indian ink to oil or acrylic, including collage. Yet, her favourite technique is just a piece of paper and a pencil. Recently, this changed because she discovered how easy is to work with the app Procreate and the useful Wacom pencil. So now she cannot live without them. At present, she is focused on creating new portraits of women, trying to represent more than what is understood as traditional beauty.

Truly, with the current situation she does not allow herself to dream, but she would like to express her creativity and show all the inconceivable ideas that her imagination can produce.



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