Cisi Lee


Cisi Lee is an illustrator currently residing in Shenzhen, China. After graduating with a major in Landscape Environmental Art & Design from the Shenzhen University in 2013, she realised a career as an illustrator was perfectly suited to her strengths and personality.

Cisi has developed a strong personal illustrative style as well as unique observational methods for inspiring her work. “I am particularly fond of using twisted lines in my work. I often stay at the bus stations to observe individuals in the crowd because bus stops are magic place where I can be constantly stimulated and inspired by people going about their day-to-day lives. I like spending time at the bus stop because I can be quite anonymous and observe for a longtime without anyone paying attention to me.”

Cisi is always looking to challenge herself personally and has a thirst for new and stimulating experiences. She sees this as an integral part of her progression as an illustrator and artist. 



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