Christopher Bazata


Word on the street says Bazata has a first name. It is Chris.

Frames on the wall say Bazata has degrees. It is a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and a Master’s of Business Administration.

Paychecks in the bank say Bazata has a job. It is a graphic designer and art director. Files on the server say Bazata has an international client roster. It is Hostess, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Victory Motorcycles, Michelin and others.

Posts on Instagram say Bazata has a hobby. It is hand drawn and vector typography experiments. Recommendations on LinkedIn say Bazata has a talent. It is branding and print design.

Thoughts in the head say Bazata has a passion. It is for good design in unexpected places. Stress in the neck says Bazata has a work ethic. It is hard.



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Instagram: @chrisbazatadesign