Chiyun Yeh


Chiyun Yeh was born in Taiwan and has been living in Tokyo since 2013. “YO” has experience working on book illustration and book editing along with animation, character design, background, 2D animation design. After moving to Tokyo, she studied art and design. After graduating from school, she has worked as a designer for the last 3 years in Tokyo. 

She started her distinctive two color ballpoint-pen illustrations in 2014 and has continued to develop the two ballpoint-pen illustration. She continues to explore different ways in which to integrate story telling into her illustrations. 

She was selected by the Behance illustration service site and her works have been published in the Taiwan illustration art book in 2016.

Chiyun Yeh’s current focus lies within the genres of fashion, life style magazine illustration, storytelling illustration and comic art.



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FACEBOOK: /chiyunyehillustration/

Instagram: @yochan666

TWITTER: @chiyun_yehs