Carolina Meilin Wong


Carolina Meilin Wong is a graphic designer and illustrator from Santiago, Chile.

Having worked on different areas of design throughout her life, such as editorial, web and video game design, it wasn’t until she reached her 30’s that she discovered that her true passion was in art.  

Her pieces show an animé inspired style but with a darker twist, and very detail oriented. She also takes inspiration from lowbrow art, tibetan buddhist thangkas and from tattoos, which are one of her major interests, having been an apprentice in a studio for more than a year now. She draws mostly about death, spirituality and the occult, trying to use art as a way of transforming her negative feelings into something that others might enjoy.  

Although she started off using digital media, she goes now almost only for black pens and paper. Her work can be found online, being Instagram her favorite platform, where she has found a community of artists who have inspired and supported her. She feels she’s formed a family there, an “art family”, the Lowbrow Wolf Pack, a group of 10 artists from all around the world, who are constantly encouraging and caring for each other, playing a mayor role in her growth as an artist. 

She is nowadays still working in the graphic design field, but hopes to be able to dedicate more time to art, and eventually turning it into a full time activity.



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Instagram: @carolinameilin