Carmen Eliana Hamer


Carmen Hamer was born in Caracas and raised in San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela. In 2011 she moved to Miami to complete her bachelor of Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art & Design. Her interest in art and photography began at a very young age. These formative years helped engender her principal creative force: human desire and the unknown. Her work is rooted in the nature of body expression, Wabi-Sabi, and semi-abstract representations of shadow formations through which she illustrate the contrasting elements of the physical and psychological identity.

By reproducing a unique technique, she interacts with other art forms with general curiosity of the world beyond just disturbing emotions in Contemporary Art and Fashion. She admires the work of Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Viktor & Rolf, Bjork, Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, Thom Yorke and Marcel Duchamp. With the great force expressed in her illustrations, clothing, and accessories, you are welcomed to enter the dreamlike realm of her imagination. They evoke emotion through the expressiveness of the subjects’ faces and bodies drawn to surreal depictions. Some are portraits and compositions while others open doors to parallel worlds, mysteries arising from a restless soul.

While studying at MIU, she discovered a natural inclination towards menswear and costume design. Throughout her time at MIU, she undertook a wide variety of work experience, including participating in many fashion shows and collaborations held in the city of Miami and NYC. Some included are Art of Fashion, Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swimwear,Neiman Marcus Trunk Show, among others.

Carmen has been recognized by Funkshion, MIU Fashion Show, by receiving an Award in the category of Avant-Garde Womenswear Design Award. One of her latest exhibitions was in Art Basel at MAPS Backlot, located in Wynwood, presenting a Fashion display with all of her designs, photography and illustrations, which together conceptualized her view of the muse or numen.

Currently, Carmen is working at KMFG and studying at FIT. Carmen Eliana Hamer, better known as CE Hamer, works on personal projects in collaboration with new emerging artist at her studio in Brooklyn, New York.



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