Carlos Anguís Sanchez


Carlos took to drawing naturally at an early age. Spending his days drawing his toys and favourite cartoon characters.

“When I was 16 I would watch Dragon Ball Z and other manga and animee cartoons such Naruto, One Piece or Bleach. I began to draw in a manga style and little by little I began developing my own characters. I guess this was my introduction to character design”

Carlos continued to develop his interest in the arts and design and decided to pursue this field professionally and chose to study multimedia, animation and graphic design. 

Carlos’s current inspirations for his work come from artists such as: Nychos, Chamo San, Matu Santamaria, Tougui, Ricardo Cavolo, Brosmind and Obey. He is also heavily influenced by the typography and lettering of Alex Trochut.



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Twitter: @cailustraciones

Instagram: @carlosanguis

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