Carla Lucena


Carla Lucena is a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid. She had admired illustration from an early age but she didn’t know that being a professional illustrator was a legitimate career path. After discovering that becoming an illustrator was a profession that Carla could pursue she undertook an Advertising and Communications BA because it seemed to be somehow related while being a practical way of making a living. That’s how she started her career as an Art Director in ad agencies: a truly challenging, constructive, instructive but disappointing experience. She was in the right path to achieve someone else’s dream career.

She soon discovered that advanced graphic design allowed her to produce the kind of images she used to love, and left the world of big companies to focus on illustration from her tiny home. She had to work as a freelance graphic designer to pay the bills but things started to work and simply
feel right.

Years later, the firsts clients that trusted her haven’t left and some famous brands like British Airways, EMI Records, The Sunday Times and Gore-Tex joined the reputable list. She still collaborates with big agencies such BBH London, Leo Burnett or Thousand Heads, wether for print, digital or animation pieces. Just with the freelance illustrator and designer role that makes her happy.”



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