Camille Romano


"I am a French-born illustrator and visual designer currently based in Helsinki, Finland. I have been working as a graphic designer for various creative agencies here. Having wanted to pursue my interest in illustration, I became a freelance during the fall 2015. Since then, I work from a shared studio space in the colourful district of Vallila, Helsinki. 

I divide my time between freelance work for private clients, festivals and creative agencies and personal projects where I focus on developing my illustrative style. With my clients, I collaborate on illustration projects, patterns, visual identities and layouts. During the fall 2016, I released my first printed products, including illustrated wall calendars and postcards. These retail in paper shops and museum boutiques in Helsinki as well as in Kobe, Japan. 

My style features a varying degree of simplicity and abstraction. I get inspiration from everywhere, but nature and the observations that derived from it are essential. I am very sensitive to colors, shapes, repeats and breaks. That is why I am also drawn to pattern-making. 

My way of working is based on quick and spontaneous compositions. I like to be able to create intuitively and make corrections without too much hassle and paper is great for that. When I started out, I would cut shapes more or less intuitively and make compositions out of them. Then, I realized that I was producing lots of left over trimmings and scraps and I did not want to just throw them away, so I started using them too. This was probably a turning point for my visual style, because those scraps push my conceptual and imaginative side to work. These are shapes I could never come up with deliberately. Recently, I added handmade textures to add a certain depth and dynamism to my compositions."


Instagram: @camillejulieromano