Brittany Thagard


“I am a non-binary sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast who draws as a way to connect to others. My Dad was in the air force, so we moved around all the time. Drawing was, and is, a way to make friends and express our joy.” 

Brittany has a long time desire to become a character designer and states that she would like to design characters that “reflect the wide variety and diversity of life that exists on our gorgeous Earth.”

Her works are whimsical, bright, and colourful and incorporate painterly strokes and organic textures.

Animators such as Satoshi Kon and You Yoshinari have remained a constant source of inspiration for her work. Studios such as Laika, Motiga, Insomniac Games, Square Enix, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have kept Brittany glued to her computer monitor playing games or watching the wide variety of content they produce. She is also inspired by music. “In particular, I love music that combines the glittery whimsy of 90’s Mahō Shōjo anime with the funky, soulful music of the 70’s (future funk), and 80’s fast-paced synthwave (retrowave).”

When Brittany isn’t illustrating, she also enjoys long walks outdoors, stargazing, conspiracies, travelling and taro milk tea with boba. 


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Twitter: @rubyj3ans