"The French collage artist Anaïs Morisset (aka Ut Barley Sugar) is exhibiting her work from "Slices of Life" at the 36Arles Gallery.

"Slices of Life" is a personal vision of human beauty and monstrosity
both mental and physical. The collages of this exhibition are
conceived as imprints of our passages, our abandonments and our
relationships. With this work of precision, Anaïs Morisset constructs
a real visual connection around humans and plants. Her collage work
take on the form of esthetic dreams containing poetic characters,
sometimes futuristic portraits of our own mutations if nature were to
take over or sometimes slices of our previous lives. Slices of Life is
a ode to life, humanity and nature" 



36 boulevard Clémenceau .
13200 Arles, France

Gallery Hours: 
every days- 3pm - 7pm