Born in Vic (Barcelona, Catalonia), Joan Bassets “Bassichelli” is not a common artist. After he ended studying psychology, he began to try new ways to express himself to the world, he found the visual arts a very good way of achieving this.

In his pieces, he tries to embrace psychology and art, because art is the unique way to “export” your mind out there; the fears, the sadness, the happiness.

His sense of humor is shown in his first pieces in which he “plagiarizes” some of the great artists in art history using only Windows Paint as a technique. He makes new versions of great artists such Picasso, Van Gogh, Munch, Michelangelo, Goya, Matisse and Botticelli, from who “plagiarized” his “Birth of Venus” and his name, that is a mix of the two names (Bassets + Botticelli = Bassichelli).

Nowadays, Bassichelli is working with a range of different techniques that let him create new ways to see what we all have inside of us and what we want to communicate.



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