Barbara Graetzer


Brazilian-born artist, Barbara Graetzer, gained her formal training as a graphic designer and illustrator whilst undertaking a BFA in Visual Communications from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. She also holds an MA in Illustration from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  

Her highly detailed ink work features surreal portraits, characters, scenarios, and landscapes that are both intricate and sophisticated, yet possess a sweet simplicity enhanced by a subtle watercolor palette.  

Inspirations for Graetzer’s illustrations are early surrealists like Salvador Dalí, the pop surrealist works of Mark Ryden, and the contemporary artworks of Takashi Murakami.

In recent years, her illustrations have received a wealth of accolades and awards, including The Illustration Annual by Applied Arts Magazine, CMYK Magazine Illustration Annual, and Creative Quarterly Magazine.

Along with managing her freelance illustration practice in Brooklyn, New York, Barbara is also an Associate Creative Director in a leading NYC advertising agency.


Instagram: @bgraetzer
Twitter: @Bgraetzer