AWO (Bismo Prabowo)


Jakarta Based vector artist Awo (Bismo Prabowo) has been creating vector based art since 2010 after graduating from an advertising major at the University of Indonesia. Awo is currently working as the Founder/Creative Director of a design house in Jakarta.

“Most of my illustrating skills are self taught. At the first I was trying to master manual drawing using traditional media but I realised that I had a lack of hand-eye coordination always drawing proportions that made me never amused with the end result. When I started working as graphic designer and using vector graphic software on a daily basis I realised that vector can be used as drawing tool, I feel that vector based software can cover my weakness so I continued developing my illustration on vector based programs.

In my early years I studied a lot as to how vector based graphics should be handled. Vector has got it’s own advantages and limitations, so I do not force the vector work to achieve details that try to replicate/compete with pixels or traditional based media. I embrace the vector aesthetic and try to mix it with modern pop culture art styles which I think is well suited to the vector aesthetic. For example, I adapted the clean bold outlines from street art graffiti and I added the cell shading technique from Japanese anime. 

The illustration concept itself was highly influenced by Rockin Jelly Bean and Hajime Sorayama. While I also look up to other artists like Jim Mahfood, Deseo, Alphonse Mucha, Patrick Nagel and Mike Giant”. 



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