Arcadian Dreams


Place of birth: York, Yorkshire, UK.

Currently living in: Perth, WA.

Train, bus, bike, or other: Bus and feet! My favourite mode of transportation. 

What’s the most important object in your studio? My Crystals, Hello Kitty TV, Rilakkuma trinkets and drawing tablet. 

Paper or plastic? Paper!  

Favourite project you have produced so far? I have a lot of projects going on at the moment, every week I have new Tattoo Clients so my work becomes very diverse conveying lots of personal stories for the client receiving tattoos. Within my own personal work I have submitted works for zines focusing on bringing visibility to non binary people or trauma survivors. Whilst my latest piece I created is called ‘Bitchcraft’ which I created to bring visibility to non binary people and women of colour, addressing a deep self assurance that it is okay to be able to own their own space and have self confidence and the right to express their voice. Along with this I also wanted to bring visibility to expressing your true self, higher self and your connection with your spirituality, which is something I am very passionate about. I feel like a lot of people may be having a similar experience where they feel their voices can get lost amongst the social and political fury that is happening on planet earth, and I feel what helps free me or give me self worth is coming back to my true self, my art and my connection with spirit. 

What are you working on right now? I am about to start making crafts and T-shirts. Some of it is in brainstorming but I am making temporary tattoos and some necklaces! 

Favourite food? I love raw vegan food and healthy eating! I love cooking my own foods and growing my own herbs! My favourite meal would definitely be Curry more specifically Vindaloo or curry zucchini noodles. 

Coffee or tea? Tea, I love English breakfast with little biscuits. 

What’s your earliest creative memory? I used to live in a very big house on a hill as a child and at the bottom of the driveway was a lot of large bolders and snakes used to live in their so I used to write stories about the snakes adventures on printer paper then fold it up A5 sized and staple them in the middle so they were little baby snake zines. 

How do you prefer to spend your mornings? Mornings are my favourite time of the day, generally I am very happy to wake up look after my cat and my plants make myself a smoothie and do some yoga and meditation or chanting. 



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