Aqualoopa – Illustrator, designer, and painter. A matador of fluid lines and shapes. A lucky man, who lives on his passions, hunting imaginary beings.

Aqualoopa’s inspirations come from a variety of sources such as cartoon animations, urban art and the work of Picasso. He developed his unique style based on curved lines. He set up his own design practice, focusing on corporate illustration, wall and mural design and also graphics for the fashion and textile industries. 

Well known for motion graphic and street art activities he also became a member of Polish Digital Graphics Group. Being simultaneously a musician, and the cofounder of Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra. His vibrant colors schemes also feature prominently in his visual language often combined with urban aesthetics. 

The author of several individual exhibitions in Poland. His graphic works were selected for the exhibitions Polish Vector Illustration and Graffiti vs. Street Art.

Notable projects have included design for Levis’, Facebook, Absolut Vodka and Greenpeace.

He has also worked closely with a number of local bands producing album covers and poster art. He has collaborated with studios abroad, including Brasil, South Korea, US, Canada. 

Aqualoopa currently runs his own design and illustration practice in his hometown of Warsaw.



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