Apollo is an aspiring illustrator currently based in the UK. Their desire to enter this field of study and work stems from their multiple visits to MCM London Comic Con, where they were, and are, enthralled by the work of the Comic Village artists. The desire to be a practicing artist in such a venue has fuelled their work starting from October 2015, when they first visited. Since then, Apollo has undertaken multiple short courses in Fine Art and Illustration alike, as well as choosing Fine Art as an A Level subject, for which they are predicted an A*. In addition to this, Apollo has some client work experience, with commissions they offer on their blog. They practice both digitally and traditionally, using Krita and a Wacom Pro tablet for digital work and various media, including acrylic paint, ink pens, and watercolour, as their go-to traditional materials. 

Apollo is looking to enrol into a UK-based university and aims for a degree in Illustration. They hope that their work can reach a more professional audience by the time they turn 18, and they look forward to selling their art at MCM Comic Con in the near future. 



Email Address: apollinaresart@gmail.com

Website: apollinaresart.tumblr.com

FACEBOOK: /apollinaresart/  

Instagram: @apollinares

Twitter: @apollinares