Anthony Neil Dart


Anthony was born in South Africa and has early memories drawing and growing up in a home always filled with music. With a father who was constantly being re assigned for work meant that he never stayed in one place for long so that meant allot of change and constantly being required to adapt to new environments, new cities and new schools. He went on to study Fine Art, Print making and photography at Park town College Johannesburg where he obtained a N6 certification degree. His initial inspiration came from graphic novels, comic books and album covers yet once it became time to seek employment he was in a new city with no connections and upon interviewing at numerous agencies all of them said the same thing: “we love your work but we require computer experience” of which he currently had none. This meant taking on many odd jobs from doing everything from retail, to auto body repair work to working at a small sign writing studio that had a Mac which he set about learning furiously.`

This became a lifelong obsession with learning the ever expansive tools and capabilities of the computer and utilizing it as a means of improving his craft and self expression. With the advent of agency work and the internet he fell into the world of graphic design and quickly discovered a passion for layout and typography mixing in his photographic and illustrative sensibility and later extending these into the areas of motion design,

animation and 3D. Around 2002 Anthony had gained enough experience in advertising, web design, motion design and direction that he opened up his own multi disciplinary studio Ontwerp.TV which is a boutique studio putting out work in motion design and visual effects for advertising and the film industries as well as crafting identity and branding work. The studio went on to work with clients both locally and abroad taking pride in making meaningful, memorable and inventive work.

In 2012 he received an offer to work for Microsoft HQ in Seattle Washington USA in the field of product design where he currently resides making products and experiences used by millions of people worldwide by pushing the cutting edge of hardware and software technologies. Anthony’s philosophy is one of constant growth and discovery where he continues to expand his horizons with typography, Image making, identity, illustration, product design and 3D. “True beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, rather I believe it to be an absolute and undeniable truth”. His aim is too always learn, evolve, synthesize and progress. Anthony strives to use Art and Design to bring functional and intuitive forms, products and experiences to everyone through the application of passion, empathy and aesthetics.



Instagram: @anthonyneildart
Twitter: @NeilDart