Lilla Bölecz


Lilla Bölecz is a visionary illustrator specialised in graphic art, book illustration and surface pattern design.

Her passion is to create peculiar, thought-provoking, mystical scenes, characters, worlds based on both imagination and reality. She considers artwork as a crucible of the spiritual and the material worlds. Lilla is always looking for meaningful connections, focusing beyond the illusion to discover uniqueness and that pattern which connects all beings.

Lilla’s vision is mostly inspired by mysticism, nature, spiritual experiences, meditation, mythology, literature and history. Her favourite artists are Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington. The philosophy of Friedensreich Hundertwasser also had a huge impact on her worldview.

Lilla works both with digital and traditional media including ink, gouache, graphite and acrylics and combines these in her art. Her fantasy world is capturing the senses with lots of little details and rich patterns.

She has done numerous exhibitions and cooperated with publishers, agencies, authors and enterpreneurs around the world who believe that making a product visually compelling is important for success and also brings a lot of joy.

Lilla’s aim with her unconventional visual stories is to discover hidden realms and bring them to life in order to invite the viewers to an inner adventure of their own.



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FACEBOOK: /blagraphics

Instagram: @lillaboleczillustration