Andrew Hetzel


I was heavily influenced by figure drawing when I was in my pre teen years. I copied my favourite comic book artists and read figure drawing books from the likes of Burne Hogarth and Stan Lee. I have always been fascinated by the human form. My sensibilities moved from drawing to graphic design when I was out of high school and going into college. This is in part because I found the computer to be a great tool that boosted my efficiency when making art. Around this time I started really reading about HR Giger and his artwork and I started to learn about the tattoo sub culture. I was becoming drawn into more macabre artistic endeavours. During this whole time and through today I have never lost my love of graphic design, much of my illustration work is a simple form of graphic design using vector graphics.  I have often said that I spend so much time in Adobe Illustrator that I should pay rent.



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