Andrew Haviland


Andrew Haviland creates digital vector illustrations for a variety of clients.
He specializes in portrait and editorial illustrations, as well as corporate branding and identity design.  

When Andrew was three years old he knew illustration was in his cards, he couldn’t read the cards yet, so he relied on the pictures, from then on he was hooked.

He is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design University, with a Communication and Design degree Illustration Major. Followed by a Graphic Design degree from Toronto Image Works Institute.

Since then he has collaborated with a number of clients including Loblaws, London Life, Three Sixty Creative, as well as working with small businesses to create promotional artwork, corporate branding and logo design.

He has a passion for illustration and design that pushes him creatively in every project that he does.



Email Address:

Instagram: @andrewhavilandillustrations