Andrea Ivetic (Shwampy)


Since I can remember, even in my early childhood, I was always fascinated by animation and art. I simply adored watching animation in any form, be it cartoons, movies, classic stop-motion Disney movies, or even anime. However, it was not always easy to obtain new releases and sometimes I had to fight for TV privileges as well, but I got by and it helped me develop an even deeper love for animation. 

In order to fill the empty void in-between new episodes and movies, I drew how I wanted to see myself. For me, drawing was like breathing, natural and part of my very being. Due to uncontrollable circumstances I was unable to get formal training to perfect my art, though, it did not stop me from drawing, with my everything poured into it. I did what I knew, which is draw, draw, and draw some more, over time I managed to teach myself what I wanted to know, and what I needed to know was to be able to grow. For me, there is a holy trinity of artists whose skills I admire the most: Leonardo Da Vinci’s ability to create that which is yet to exist; Van Gogh’s ability to transfer emotions into his paintings; and Tim Burton’s ability to show beauty in the darkest of places. 

Art is life, a fantastic journey of the artist who was, is, and will be a student of life. 



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